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What's New in the 4th Edition

Describes the changes between the 3rd and 4th Editions.

C# Programming with Visual Studio Code

Describes how to get started programming using Visual Studio Code.

Advanced Nullable Reference Types

Gets into some advanced details of using nullable reference types, including fine-grained control over how the compiler handles nullable reference types and enabling/disabling checking line-by-line.

App Model Recommendations

A listing of some useful resources for getting started with the various .NET app models like web, desktop, mobile, and game development.

Extern Aliases

An extern alias lets you bring a DLL reference in under a separate root namespaces.

Operators Table

A table that summarizes all of the operators in C# and their relative ordering.

Online Editors

Lists some online tools you can use to tinker with C#.

Before Starting MonoGame

Answers the question of "How much of the C# Player's Guide should I get through before jumping into MonoGame?"