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Knowledge Check - Large Programs

1. True/False. A using directive makes it so that you do not need to use fully qualified names.

True. They allow you to use simple names for types in the namespace identified by the using directive.

2. What namespace are each of the following types in? (a) Console, (b) List<T>, (c) StringBuilder.

(a) Console is in the System namespace. (b) List<T> is in the System.Collections.Generic namespaces. (c) StringBuilder is in the System.Text namespace.

.NET 6 projects include have the equivalent of having a global using directive for System and System.Collections.Generic, so of the three, the only one you will usually need to add an explicit using directive for would be System.Text.

3. What keyword is used to declare a namespace?

The namespace keyword is used to indicate the beginning of a namespace.

True/False. You should never write your own Program class and Main method.

False. This is a matter of opinion, not a matter of correctness. If you like writing out your own Program and Main, feel free to do so. I, personally, like the newer style, where you don’t need to write those out yourself, but both work fine.