It's dangerous to code alone! Take this.

The Makings of a Programmer

The following is one possible solution to this challenge.

using System;

Console.WriteLine("The world has changed.");
Console.WriteLine("I feel it in the water.");
Console.WriteLine("I feel it in the earth.");
Console.WriteLine("I smell it in the air.");
Console.WriteLine("Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.");

Answer this question: How many statements do you think a program can contain?

This question is inherently subjective, but is intended to make you think. At this point, we’ve seen programs with 5 or so statements in it. Hopefully, you’re thinking already that there’s nothing special about 5, and that you could go much, much higher. Why not 100? Why not 1000? Why not a million?

While I haven’t looked it up, I suspect there are some hardware or other (like assembly language) limitations on how many instructions are actually addressable, which would put some hard limits on how big the program overall can be, or even specific sections of the whole program (such as a single method).

However, I can guarantee that the real limiting factor is not hardware or compiler limitations, but how much you, the human, can work with. Indeed, many of the features of the language are about organizing your code in different ways to allow humans to better understand their code, allowing you to work with larger programs.