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June 2024 Update for the Sixth Edition

Published on 30 Jun 2024.

Progress on the sixth edition has continued to be slow, as work and life have been extremely busy.

My current best guess for the release of the sixth edition is now November of 2024, when C# 13 arrives.

I may be done earlier than that, but, given the upcoming C# update, I’m more likely to wait and synchronize with the release.

That’s a guess, not a promise. As always on these things, I’m doing what I can to keep people informed so they can make good decisions about if it is worth waiting. If things somehow go really fast, it could be earlier than that. But I don’t really expect that, given that there’s plenty of benefit to releasing it when a new version of C# comes out. It is probably more likely to slide back even further, but I’m really hoping to avoid that. I’m excited to get a high-quality, amazing sixth edition out, and then to move on to other book projects.

To repeat what I said in the last book timeline update, I still recommend getting the fifth edition today.

I hope to post progress updates more frequently, but if it is September and there isn’t any newer information (or a confirmation that the guess is still the same) then let me know so I can get refined estimate posted. (And thanks to the several people who have done exactly that in the last few weeks!)