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Another Update for the Sixth Edition

Published on 27 Dec 2023.

A few months ago I said that the sixth edition was at least several months out. And I said that I’d put up another update after some time had passed, to keep you guys informed. It’s time for that update.

At this point, I can’t imagine the sixth edition arriving anytime before about April of 2024. My current best guess is Q2 (April through June) of 2024. Though, as always, with these things, that’s a guess, not a promise. It could be before that, and it could be after that. I’ll keep the occasional updates coming to make sure people have up-to-date information, since this is one of the most common questions in Discord.

For most people, I still recommend getting the fifth edition today. The two editions are going to be mostly the same, and you’ll learn just as much from the fifth edition as the sixth. Besides, you’ll probably be done with it before the sixth edition even ships. Once the sixth edition is ready, it will be the preferred choice (or I wouldn’t be writing it in the first place), but there’s really not a lot of point in sitting around waiting for it. The fifth edition is a fantastic version, and is all you really need. (Though you can also pick up the free expansions for C# 11 and 12 to augment your journey.)

But I do put out (almost) weekly updates to the sixth edition. I think the only people that the sixth edition really makes sense for is people who are okay with very Early Access style material (it needs a lot of work still) that also like seeing how the sausage is made, and contributing to the process, since you’ll get those weekly updates. It is still too rough for most people.

Anyway, if you don’t see a newer update on the blog and it is February or later, let me know, so I can get another update posted.