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Price Increase

Published on 18 Jun 2023.

I have some slight bad news today. I’m going to need to increase the price of the print version of my book by a few dollars, from about $30 to $35.

This is not because of me, but because the printer is increasing prices this week. If I don’t adjust to absorb the printer’s costs (and also to account for Amazon’s percentage-based costs), then it will eat up all of the money I get.

In their defense, I’ve worked with this printer (KDP) for 10 years, and this is the first time they’ve increased the price.

Please bear in mind that I am doing–and always have done–everything I can to keep the price as low as possible. I know that most people getting this book don’t have an excess of money, and are trying to better themselves with new skills.

The price will remain what it is for a few more days before going up.

If you’re thinking about getting the book, consider getting it soon before the price goes up.

(The PDF version on Gumroad will remain at its current price point.)