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Early Access

Published on 08 Nov 2021.

Early Access #4 for 5th Edition went out today. This update finished the revision pass and cleaned out a rather long list of other things I needed to do. The content (but not cover) of the book is now essentially what it will be for the official release. (With any necessary fixes for things I find or readers find.)

The 5th Edition still has a small list of non-trivial things that need to be done before the official release:

  • Cover updates.
  • Solution udpates.
  • Website updates.
  • The 4th Edition Upgrade Companion.
  • Probably another revision pass to catch any remaining copyediting errors and make some minor tweaks to the index.

Also going out today is the 4th Edition update 4.0.8. This fixes a handful of very minor typos and similar issues.