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Early Access

Published on 31 Oct 2021.

Happy Halloween!

5th Edition Early Access #3 is out today.

The major efforts this past week have been:

  1. Working on a revision pass through the book to update images, do copyediting, and ensuring consistency across the book. I got from the Introduction through Level 29 (Records). For these levels, I don’t expect any further substantial changes, and they are potentially “done” for 5th Edition.
  2. I added a mention to to the book, which lets you write C# code in VS Code online. (But currently doesn’t support actually running it.)
  3. I fixed several broken links in the book.

The focus for the next little while is:

  • Finish the revision pass.
  • Look into hardback and color options.
  • Cover updates.
  • Challenge solution updates.
  • Getting the website ready for 5th Edition.
  • A few other small things I’ve encountered while working through the book.