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5th Edition Early Access

Published on 17 Oct 2021.

Early Access for 5th Edition is now officially underway on Gumroad. If you’ve bought the 4th Edition on Gumroad, you should have gotten an email detailing how to get into Early Access for free. If you’ve bought the 4th Edition in print form, reach out to me, and I can get you in.

If you’re about to buy the book and are now wondering if you should go with 4th Edition, get Early Access of the 5th Edition, or wait, here’s my suggestion.

We’re still at least a month away from the finished 5th Edition, which is waiting on the release of C# 10 on the 9th of November. 4th Edition is still the latest and greatest version of the book, and reflects the latest and greatest version of C#. If you want something stable, then get 4th Edition and reach out to me. I’ll also get you into the Early Access, and you can have both.

If you’re willing to live on the bleeding edge and wanted the digital edition anyway, then I’d recommend just diving into the 5th Edition in Early Access. The book is, honestly, 99% what it will be when it is all done. I need to update some screenshots, and I need to make a few revision passes. You’ll also need to deal with getting the Visual Studio 2022 release candidate instead of VS 2019. But if you’re buying 5th Edition in Early Access, there’s a bit of a discount over buying 4th Edition, to reflect the increased volatility.

If you want a print copy, you can either go with 4th Edition in print (reach out to me, and I’ll get you into the Early Access in digital form) or be patient for a bit longer and get 5th Edition when it arrives.

As I said in my 5th Edition announcement, I expect 4th and 5th Editions to be 98% the same, but the 2% that is different has a rather substantial impact on how modern C# code is written. The changes–while seemingly minor–make a huge difference. (Which is why I decided I need to do a 5th Edition, when 4th Edition hasn’t even been out a year yet.)

As always, if you have questions or comments on any of this, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Discord or email. I love talking about this stuff with you guys, and the book is vastly better because of the many conversations I’ve had with readers.