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4.0.6 has Arrived!

Published on 11 Sep 2021.

Version 4.0.6 is going out today. This is another digital-only update, fixing a typo and a minor improvement to the sample code:

  1. Fixed a mis-numbering of the “Methods” knowledge check answers on page 269.
  2. Added in a readonly modifier to the _numberLock field in the sample on page 339, since it doesn’t need to change after creation.

Earlier, I had committed to monthly digital updates through the third quarter (July, August, September). 4.0.6 represents that last of that original commitment.

I have not yet made plans for the fourth quarter of the year, but at this point, I think it is a safe assumption to expect at least an update the first weekends of October and November.

The caveat to that plan would be that if there are no reported issues, then there won’t be an update. (Though I think I’d likely still post an update here, saying so.)