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4.0.4 has Arrived!

Published on 06 Jul 2021.

Version 4.0.4 is going out today. This is another digital-only update, fixing minor typos and a few small other tweaks.

This includes:

  • On pages 199 and 200, The IsOnBoard method was incorrectly using Row instead of row, using the property instead of the parameter. This has now been fixed.
  • On page 243 and 244, there were a couple of sentences that called out arrays, when the topic was actually lists.
  • On page 372, the second bitshift example was wrong. It said “00010001 becomes 00000100,” but should have said “00010001 becomes 00000010.”
  • On page 379, I reordered the number++; and Console.WriteLine(number); lines in the example so the goto and for versions worked in the same way.
  • On page 380, the sample said Add(newShip()), but that should have read Add(new Ship()) (which changes it to correctly calling the Ship constructor instead of a mysterious newShip() method).
  • A couple of other minor typos.

On the website, I have also made a couple of minor tweaks as well:

  • Some tweaks to the CRC cards for Hangman on the website.
  • The solution for the challenge called The Color now uses static properties instead of static fields, as required by the challenge description.

This is the smallest update we’ve had, though it still contains about 12 typo corrections and minor improvements.

Back when the book was first released, I mentioned that for April, May, and June, you should expect an update the first weekend of the month. That has carried over into July now, and I think it is reasonable to expect that to continue for August and September as well.

I also want to say that I’ve been spending some time trying to get an epub and/or mobi version of the book available, since I know that format works better on smaller screens and ebook readers are optimized for flexible-layout formats. The tough part is not the epub or mobi side, it is ensuring the workflow still allows me to make both EPUB and PDF versions, while still retaining all of the features I’ve got in the PDF. I had hoped to start putting out some work-in-progress versions before the end of June, but that hasn’t happened yet, and still looks to be a ways out still. I currently expect that 5th Edition (whenever that is, but it doesn’t feel like C# 10 is immiment) will have EPUB or MOBI (or both) available.