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4.0.3 has Arrived!

Published on 06 Jun 2021.

Version 4.0.3 is going out today. This is a digital-only update, fixing minor typos and adding clarity in a few small corner cases.

This was supposed to be the May 2021 update, but it kept getting pushed back until now, and so the May and June updates are combined in this update.

There are a handful of minor issues that have been reported to me in the last couple of days that didn’t make it into this update. They’ll make it into the next one, which I’m planning for the first weekend in July. (That’s a long weekend for me. I won’t consider the update late until the 6th of July.)

The errata page has gotten pretty crowded now, though you may notice that (a) the vast majority are minor typos and (b) most are late in the book. I don’t think the later part of the book had any less attention than earlier parts of the book, but I have a couple of readers with sharp eyes that happen to have been through most of the book already (in Early Access) before it was published.