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The PDF 4th Edition is Available!

Published on 14 Mar 2021.

The 4th Edition has arrived in digital form!

This week’s changes involve small fixes for a high quantity of typo reports and suggestions scattered throughout the book.

Given that this is the first official release of the 4th Edition, you might also find this article useful to you, which describes all of the changes made for 4th Edition vs. 3rd Edition at a high level:

This ends the Early Access program that has been running since late October. Going forward, the digital edition on Gumroad will continue to get periodic updates, though not at the same weekly cadence as before. My best guess is that this will be more like monthly, and only if there are things worth doing an update for.

The physical edition will be available soon, likely by the end of this week. It’s a longer process to get that approved, but now pushing it through that process is the only thing left.

It is a slow process with some consequences (usually some downtime in availability) but typo corrections can be done even in print. (Obviously, anybody whose book was already printed won’t get the corrections. Alas, we’ll have to just live with that.) So while it will be at a lower rate, there is still the possibility of limited corrections, even in print form.

Despite the slower update rate, please don’t hesitate to report any issues you find in the book, big or small.

The errata page on the website can be updated almost instantly, and any necessary change will find their way to the digital and print versions before too long.

While this isn’t a commitment, I fully expect that there will be a 5th Edition in due time. There will be new versions of C#, and I intend on keeping the book up-to-date with that. So even broad, sweeping suggestions can be addressed before too much time passes. (I currently have no clear insight into when this might be. We’ll probably know more at Microsoft’s Build conference in May.)

As Early Access winds down, I want to say again how nice it has been to have so many of you along on the journey with me. Thanks to your efforts, the book is far better than it ever would have been otherwise. (Again, no promises on exactly how things will unfold, but I hope to see many of you again for the next Early Access!)