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4th Edition Release Candidate 3

Published on 27 Feb 2021.

Release Candidate #3 is now available!

The final revision pass is complete, as are all loose ends that I wanted to finish. At this point, there is nothing specific I want to accomplish with the book that isn’t already done.

It now becomes a waiting game. The book assumes that you are using the new (upcoming) template system instead of the old (current) template system. This is supposed to be the default in Visual Studio 16.9, though you can turn it on in 16.8 (the current release). The book has a page (now says STOP in big obvious letters so you don’t miss it) that describes how to switch over to this new system. But my intent was to wait for Visual Studio 16.9 to be released before publishing the final edition of the book. So that’s what we’re waiting on.

I may yet decide it isn’t worth waiting, rework the book to account for both template systems, and just go ahead with the release before 16.9 comes out.

In the meantime, any issues readers find will still be fixed; expect the weekly releases to continue for now.