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4th Edition Release Candidate 1

Published on 12 Feb 2021.

We’ve made it to our first Release Candidate, with Release Candidate #1 coming out today!

The big accomplishments of the past week are:

  1. Made a new Discord server specifically for this book. Come join the fun!
  2. Updated the XP Tracker at the beginning of the book.
  3. Updated the Map at the beginning of the book.
  4. Updated the title page at the beginning of the book.
  5. Added an illustration to the Final Battle challenge in Level 52.
  6. Turned four challenges into Boss Battles (the big ones, though several are multi-part).
    • Hunting the Manticore
    • Catacombs of the Class
    • Fountain of Objects
    • The Final Battle
  7. Changed the visual appearance of the CRC cards.

The plans for the coming week are:

  1. Yet another revision pass. (This should be much faster than the last. I spent a few hours and got through four chapters, so I don’t expect this one to drag on for weeks like the last round.)
  2. I am planning on (but not committing to) making some video walkthroughs of the Boss Battles to put online. I think these videos will show more nuance to the development process than a simple snapshot of the final result.

And of course, fix the things you guys report.