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4th Edition Early Access 17

Published on 05 Feb 2021.

Early Access #17 is out today.

The big updates are:

  1. The cover is now finished.
  2. The website is now finished.
  3. The back of the book is now basically finished, notably: a. The Operators table was moved to the website: /articles/operators-table. b. The Keywords table was eliminated. Nobody was using it, and it didn’t really seem to be providing much value. c. The Built-In Types diagram and table were totally redone and moved to the end of Level 6. (You should check it out!)

The final few items are these:

  1. Finish the front part of the book. In particular, the XP Tracker and map need some updates and tweaks.
  2. A few other items that have bene kicking around on the GitHub issue tracker, though some of those will also need to wait for 5th Edition, unfortunately. (Don’t hesitate to go there and get involved in the discussions there.)
  3. Additional changes as feedback continues coming in.

I think there’s an 80% chance all of that will get finished this week, so whether the book is done in one week or not is largely dependent on what else pops up that I decide to do.

Also keep in mind that I’m currently somewhat on the hook to wait for Visual Studio 16.9, which isn’t out yet, and still feels like it is at least two weeks out, if not more. If that truly becomes the only thing I’m waiting on, I might change course on it.