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4th Edition Early Access 14

Published on 15 Jan 2021.

This week, nearly all of the effort went into the final revision pass and made pretty good progress. I am about 58% of the way through the book, up through the level on Files, though the Introduction and Part 2 and Part 3 intro pages have also not been covered yet.

There were several other typos that people found, including a couple that my final revision pass missed. (Things that were not strictly wrong, but that were still awkward and deserved improvement.) So even though I’m going through this final revision pass, don’t hesitate to send me anything you notice so that we can make sure we get them all.

This revision pass is the main focus for the coming week.

I’m currently estimating about 50 hours to go on this final revision pass, which has a chance of being finished up for this next release. I might put off the release until Saturday evening if I think I can get it all finalized. So next week’s update might be on the late side.