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4th Edition Early Access 12

Published on 01 Jan 2021.

The 12th Early Access for The C# Player’s Guide, 4th Edition is now available.

The biggest accomplishment was finishing the challenges. The biggest change came with The Final Battle challenges, which was a complete do-over.

Aside from that, I got the process of designing a new cover underway. I have a couple of options:

Option #1: Just keep the current cover, more or less intact as it is now. Probably a tweak to the edition number color. That cyan that is currently in there was quick and dirty. Option #2: A second design I got with some color variations. These are in the downloads on Gumroad. There are four variations, different only by color (I believe). Option #3: Pay another graphic designer to come up with a completely different choice. (I work with several that do pretty good work.)

I know you’re not buying the book because of the cover, but I’m definitely interested in getting a broad set of opinions on it. If you prefer the cover as it currently stands to this new Option 2 that is in the downloads, I want to hear that. If you like this alternative, I want to know that too. If one of the four color variations stands out as a favorite (or one you especially dislike), I want to hear that.

I did get the final revision pass started, though it is really only just beginning, and I can already tell it is going to take more time than I had initially anticipated. That puts the release date in more like early to mid February, but the to-do list is starting to get pretty short, and I don’t expect huge delays beyond that, now that I’ve got my teeth in the last major effort.

There was also the usual assortment of small tweaks and typos that were fixed.