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4th Edition Early Access 6

Published on 20 Nov 2020.

Early Access #6 is available. It is a nice feeling to have that done with most of the weekend still ahead of me to carry on with the book without pressure.

This includes 8 new levels (chapters):

  • Level 34: Exceptions
  • Level 35: Delegates
  • Level 36: Events
  • Level 37: Lambda Expressions
  • Level 38: Files
  • Level 39: Pattern Matching
  • Level 40: Operator Overloading
  • Level 41: Query Expressions

Level 33 (Namespaces) is still not ready, giving us 40 of 55 total levels or 72% of the full book by chapter count.

Of course, even when this revision pass is over, there will be plenty to do still, including updating the book for C# 9, creating solutions for all of the challenges, and updating the cover.

I think the guess of Late December seems quite reasonable still.

And since I have somehow turned these updates into updates about the kitten, too, you will be happy to know that he is doing great and growing up fast. (Still only gets to the litter box half the time, but he weighs twice as much as when we found him! He is now probably about five weeks old, and we have had him here for the last two.)