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4th Edition Early Access 5

Published on 13 Nov 2020.

Early Access #5 is now up. The earliest I have ever been, which is nice. But it comes at a cost: This is from only five days, all of which were workdays. So it is a small update.

This adds only a single level (chapter) to the book, though a second level was merged into it. So the book is two chapters closer to being done.

This also adds a partial solution for the Fountain of Objects challenges. I’m not done with all of them, but I am done with a few, so I’ve made those solutions available.

It also includes many small grammar and spelling fixes, many of which were reported by readers. Please keep the feedback coming, no matter how big or small!

Also, the cat seems to be doing good. He was not eating and not pooping, but he has been doing both, and after losing several ounces of weight, he has regained all of it and a bunch more. I think he’ll end up being fine! (Though I will also say he has taken up some time and sleep that might otherwise have gone into the book. But I don’t regret that for a moment.)