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4th Edition Early Access 4

Published on 08 Nov 2020.

I’m a day later than I’d like. We found an almost 3-week old abandoned kitten and have been trying to take care of it. That’s very time consuming, though I don’t regret it. Hopefully, he (we think) comes through okay. He seems lively and happy but isn’t eating as much as he should and hasn’t pooped in the 36 hours that we have had him, so we’re worried about that too. (Yes, we’re stimulating him.) We’ll take him to the vet tomorrow if he doesn’t start pooping and eating more.

Anyway… future releases can hopefully get back to Friday night or Saturday morning now.

Early Access Release 4 is now up on Gumroad and includes 7 new levels (chapters), along with the usual small fixes for typos and unclear sentences. This completes Part 2 and is also now 31 of 56 total levels. However, I will be going through the challenges in the level called The Fountain of Objects, which is the book’s most extensive program besides the final battle. I had wanted to do that for EA 4 but needed to abandon that plan. However, my initial attempt at a solution made me decide to restructure some of the challenges there. I did that to make them clearer and simpler. Putting together my own solution in the coming week may result in additional changes.

I have also revised my guess about when the book will be done to late December. I’m still hopeful it could be early to mid-December, but I keep pushing it out, and that makes me think I need to make a bigger adjustment. So I’m currently guessing late December, but Early Access releases will come every week until then, either way.

A final note: This week is the .NET Conf, and C# 9 and .NET 5 will be officially released. I was hoping to have the 4th Edition ready to go about right now, but I won’t be. You may find some of the sessions about C# 9 and .NET 5 interesting, and a preview of how The C# Player’s Guide will be modified to account for those in the coming weeks!