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4th Edition Early Access 2

Published on 17 Oct 2020.

Early Access Release 1 went up on Gumroad today:

I’ve set the cost at $9.95, but I expect that to go up as the book gets closer to completion. (The 3rd Edition’s digital version is $29.95, for reference.)

Keep these two points in mind:

  • This is only Part 1 of the book. The other chapters need more revision before being included.
  • This is digital-only. No physical book is included in this now or later. (A physical book will be available when the Early Access is complete. If you want a physical book, your best bet is to buy the 3rd Edition, which is already available, or wait a few more weeks for the 4th Edition.)

Anybody who joins the Early Access will get all other Early Access releases until the final release (as well as any patch releases I make after the official release). So this is an excellent chance to get it cheap if you’re okay dealing with a few rough edges here and there.

If you are willing to commit to putting some effort into reading it and doing the challenges, and providing thoughtful feedback, please email me. With a commitment to helping me make it better, I can get you a code for a discount on the book. An ally who will help me find the issues so I can fix them is worth more than the few bucks I’d get from Gumroad at this point.

Early Access Release 1 does not contain the entire book. It only has Part 1. That is the only part that has had a serious revision pass completed on it. More chapters will be added soon. But for somebody working through the book, they can get started on the first 100+ pages now and get the rest of the updates over the coming weeks.

I expect to put out a new Early Access Release with any changes, fixes, and improvements to existing content and add in the new chapters that have had a revision pass. This should happen roughly weekly on Friday or Saturday until the final release comes, probably in 4 to 8 weeks.

This is a big deal, and if you have any questions about what to expect with Early Access, feel free to contact me (

You can also track the progress of Early Access through this GitHub page:

With that, I’ll update my guess for publication to sometime between mid-November and early December.