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Moving toward early access

Published on 04 Sep 2020.

I’ve been making progress this week towards the first digital-only early access release of the book. I have at least another week of that, but it might be two or three weeks.

In my next update, I can post more numbers for percentage complete, as I have been cleaning up my backlog of items to do.

Here’s a high-level to-do list that I think is needed before Early Access:

  • A revision pass through every chapter. (So far, I have done about 5 of 55-ish.)
  • Reworking the quizzes throughout the book.
  • Marking some sections as Side Quests.
  • Deciding what to do about marking key points in the book as special (or deciding not to do this).
  • Changing the order of some of the late chapters in the book.
  • Some additions to the Try It Out challenges in the book.
  • Making the cover say 4th Edition, even if it isn’t the final version of the cover.