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Plans for early access

Published on 27 Aug 2020.

I was going along with pretty frequent updates for a while there and then stopped. But rest assured, I’ve put lots of time into the book in the meantime.

It is time for another update, though: I expect the 4th Edition of the book to be available in November of 2020 when C# 9 and .NET 5 are released.

As I was doing revisions in January, I began to find more and more things I wanted to change about the book. I ended up in a situation where I decided to significantly revise almost every aspect of the book. In some ways, the 4th Edition is almost a complete rewrite. Not exactly, but close.

So here we are, nearly eight months later.

I feel reasonably confident that the November deadline will hold this time, and the book will be much better for the delay.

I’ve also been considering something I haven’t done before: making a digital-only version of the book available in an Early Access format. It could be a good way to get some extra eyes on the book early on while also allowing people who want an updated version before November to have it. I am not yet committed to doing that, but it’s a distinct possibility. It will probably be at least a couple more weeks before that happens if it does happen.

As far as my percent complete that I was reporting, I was thinking today that I maybe should file bankruptcy on it. My next step is to do a lot of cleanup of my to-do list, and I’m tempted to just toss it and start fresh. I’ll let you know what I do in the next update. (I’m hopeful that updates can come every few days from now until publication to keep you all informed of the current status.)