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1 January 2020

Published on 01 Jan 2020.

Currently there are 164 issues involved in the project:

  • Done: 73 (44.5%)
  • In Progress: 0 (0%)
  • To Do: 91 (55.4%)

I’ve completed 26 tasks in the last couple of days, but I also added in 89 more tasks as well. (And that doesn’t include ones that got added to a later version of the book.)

But I hit a rather significant milestone today: all of the C# 8 content is now largely in place.

Roughly 60 of the new issues are in a “taking stock” category, which is stuff for me to go through the book and itemize what else still needs to be done before the official release. That’s my next step, and should knock out about 60 total items of the 91 left to do, but will also likely produce a number of other new items. Once that is done, the number of tasks being added to the project should flatten out quite a bit.

Estimated completion date is still late January 2020.