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15 December 2019

Published on 15 Dec 2019.

The 4th Edition of the book is coming along. New tasks come up every day, but also every day, tasks get checked off.

Currently, there are 62 total issues involved in the project.

  • Done: 27 (43.5%)
  • In Progress: 19 (30.6%)
  • To Do: 16 (25.8%)

A big part of the “In Progress” ones are related to the rewrite an/or addition of five different chapters, and they’re (unfortunately) moving through the pipeline right now in sync with each other. When they go, they might all go together.

Outside of work, all of my focus and attention is currently going into this 4th Edition.

The earlier numbers are concrete; they are 100% accurate of the current situation. This next number is a wild guess. My best guess is that the 4th Edition will be sometime in January of 2020, so depending on your time table for learning C#, waiting until the 4th Edition arrives might be worth it.

If you have any questions about the state of the 4th Edition, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also, if you have some experience with C# in the past (like if you bought the 3rd Edition and have been through it) I’d love to get some reader feedback on the new chapters in the works for the 4th Edition. The time frame is kind of tight. Probably over no more than the next 10 days or so. Let me know if you’re interested. (It won’t be the whole book, just the specific new chapters, so it won’t be self contained in terms of learning. That’s why I’d ideally like to get people who have already been through the 3rd Edition or have some familiarity with C#. But I’ll take whoever is interested right now.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to offer, in the way of payment or reward for helping out in this way. (Other than you get access to a draft of the content before most people do, in exchange for some feedback from you about what’s working and what’s not.)

Expect more updates as we get closer to the publication date!